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Who are Paedophiles?

Paedophiles may seem perfectly respectable and 'nice'. They are extremely cunning and clever at worming their way into your confidence so that you trust them alone with your children.

Paedophiles do not necessarily look dirty, weird or creepy or act suspiciously - they often behave like everyone else and look 'normal'.

Paedophiles come from all classes, professions, racial and religious backgrounds.

The majority of known paedophiles are male, though some women abuse children.

66% of paedophiles are known to the child, 34% are strangers.

What paedophiles say:

This information comes from the paedophiles themselves, who told Kidscape how they ensnare children.

Paedophiles are good at making friends with children. They offer to teach them games, sports or how to play a musical instrument. They take them on outings, give them gifts, bribes, toys & money or treats and trick children into trusting them.

Paedophiles often target single-parent families where mothers might be especially grateful for help with looking after the children.

48% of the paedophiles found their victims through babysitting.

30% of the paedophiles had each committed offences against 10 to 450 victims, 70% had between 1 to 10 victims.

Paedophiles find victims by hanging round places children are likely to go, such as:

school premises
shopping centres
amusement or theme parks
swimming baths
fast food chains

Be suspicious if someone is more interested in your children than in you, someone who always wants to babysit, take your children on outings -someone who wants to get your children alone.

What parents can do?

Check on anyone who is left in charge of your children or wants to spend time alone with them, especially babysitters. Talk (not just write) to other people they have worked for.

Encourage discussions about personal safety, getting lost, and bullying by playing 'What if?' games with children.

Practise the Kidscape rule "Yell, Run, Tell" with children so they feel confident about using safety strategies.

Explain to children the difference between "safe" and "unsafe" secrets. A secret about a surprise birthday party is OK, but no one should ever ask them to keep kisses or touches secret.

Buy your children a Travelcard and/or Phonecard so that they can always call you or get home.

Arrange to have a family codeword. Tell your child that if anyone ever tries to collect them for you, the person will always know the codeword. "No Code, No Go".

When visiting public places (shopping centres, funfairs) always arrange a meeting place with your child in case you get separated ("I will meet you outside Marks & Spencer" or "by the fountain").

Most paedophiles are not strangers. Tell children that if anyone, even someone they know, touches them in a confusing or frightening way they should tell you.

Tell your children:

To be wary of public toilets and to go in with a friend, if possible. If anyone approaches you, get out fast. (Parents - don't be embarrassed to stand outside the toilet and shout in "Are you all right in there?" - puts paedophiles right off!)

If someone you don't know speaks to you, pretend you haven't heard and walk quickly away.

Never take sweets, presents, or lifts from people you don't know.

Never go up to a car to give directions - keep away so that no one can get hold of you and you can run away.

If something bad does happen to you, even if you have broken a rule, you should tell me about it and I will help sort things out. (One child was walking in a park when told not to and was molested she was afraid to tell because she had broken the rule about being in the park).

Play Safe

Never play in dark or lonely places, or in empty streets and stairwells.

Stay with friends or with a group and don't wander off on your own, even if you're playing hide and seek - hide with a friend.

If you are in a shopping centre, arcade or disco someone offers you money to do a job or errand, don't do it - it could be a trick.

Don't walk to and from school on your own - team up with a friend or a group.

Always tell your parents where you're going and when you'll be back.

More information here:

Child Abuse Signs & Symptoms

Keep Them Safe


If you are a paedofile, there is hope for you in God.
You don't have to live the way you've been living.
Get help today!