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Homosexuality in Schools
Teachers across America are sparking students curiosities in subjects like history, mathematics, English and homosexuality. But are they presenting all of the facts, or simply pushing a seductive agenda upon young minds? As more and more public schools promote homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle without consulting parents, families need to proactively monitor school activities and policies. Many of these "academic opportunities" sound nice--but actually protect and promote sexual promiscuity.

Help for Homosexuals Who Want Out of This Lifestyle
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It's Elementary

A new video claims to show teachers how to create a "tolerant" classroom. But it turns out to teach much more.

By John Paulk

Last summer, millions of Americans viewed a controversial television documentary called "It's Elementary" on select PBS stations around the country. The purpose of the film is to promote respect and tolerance for gays and lesbians among elementary-age school children.

The National Education Association endorses the film as a resource for teachers to use "in the very place where the discussion needs to be--in school, starting in the primary grades."

When I watched "It's Elementary," I was impressed with how well the film was produced. However, as a former homosexual who is now the father of two young sons, I found the program unbalanced, inaccurate, dishonest and harmful.

I'm all in favor of teaching children that it's wrong to laugh at or demean homosexuals, or physically hurt other children who identify themselves as homosexuals--or who have parents who identify themselves as homosexual. I know what it is like to be singled out and picked on for not being "like the other boys."

This program, however, was not designed to promote true respect toward individuals because of their intrinsic worth as people created by God. Instead, "It's Elementary" aims to indoctrinate teachers and children with the belief that homosexuality is normal and morally acceptable, and that objecting to homosexual behavior amounts to bigotry and hate.

The film is a model of subterfuge--calculated to close off dissent and circumvent inconvenient issues. In one revealing scene, a teacher plays an audio recording of a song from the Disney movie, "The Lion King."

The teacher asks his students, "Who is singing this song?"

The children all recognize that Elton John is the artist. The teacher reveals that Elton is a homosexual. You can see the confusion on the faces of the children. The take-away message is obvious--if you like Elton John's music, you should be comfortable with his homosexuality.

"It's Elementary" glorifies homosexuality and promotes a profound disrespect for the moral convictions of religious people who disapprove of homosexual behavior. The not-so-subtle message throughout the video is that people who oppose homosexuality--especially Christians--should be considered dangerous to children's mental health.

For instance, at one point in the film, a young boy says that Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin. Then he adds, sarcastically, "So torture and kill them [i.e. homosexuals]."

How can the producers claim to fight prejudice when they leave this child's wildly mistaken characterization of Christianity uncorrected?

In fact, "It's Elementary" makes no allowance for any perspective on homosexuality other than its own. In one scene a group of elementary teachers are planning a "Gay and Lesbian Pride Day" to be celebrated during a school assembly. One teacher asks her fellow educators if they would endorse this lifestyle even when students morally oppose homosexuality. Another teacher responds, "There is no right way, there is no wrong way, there is no good way, there is no bad way. What it is is what it is."

For all their dogmatism, the producers seem unhindered by any concern for truth. Some of the "facts" they present are incorrect, incomplete and little more than ideology masquerading as reality. The film boldly asserts that 30 percent of all teen suicides are committed by gay youth who were driven by "internalized homophobia" to kill themselves. What viewers are not told, however, is that the study supporting this claim was conducted by a gay activist and employed shoddy methods and unproven assumptions.

The program also states as fact the claim that homosexuality has been scientifically proven to be biological and inborn. Yet every study purporting to prove the existence of a "gay gene" has been debunked, nor have any such studies been replicated.

In addition to presenting questionable or bogus facts, the video fails to present information about the enormous health risks of homosexual behavior, or about its negative emotional and psychological consequences. A 1998 report from the Centers for Disease Control states that 65 percent of all reported AIDS cases among males since 1981 are men who have engaged in homosexual behavior. According to the American Medical Association, gay youth are 23 times more likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases than heterosexuals.

Testimonials from men and women who are proud of their homosexuality are featured, but any voices of former gays and lesbians whose dissatisfaction with homosexuality led them to change their sexual orientation are conspicuously absent.

All in all, this video misleads students, their parents and teachers on one of the most pressing issues in American culture. When was the last time you allowed someone to deceive your class?

Does God hate homosexuality? Yes, He absolutely does.

Does God hate people who practice homosexuality? NO, HE ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT.

God loves homosexuals, and invites them to come to Him, to allow Him to wash, sanctify, and justify them, and to let Him heal them of the deep wounds in their hearts that cause them to be pulled toward homosexuality.

If you are a homosexual, let me make this clear: There are many in your ranks that want you to believe that "God made you that way." That is really a sophisticated form of denial -- with the hope that, if you say it enough, it will overpower your inner sense that the lifestyle is unnatural and wrong. If, for just one moment, you will take the bold step away from that denial, and listen to your heart, you will realize that "God made you that way" is a lie.

None of the things you do to insulate yourself from that truth will bring you the peace and love that you are craving -- but, if you let Him, Jesus will. He will help you work through those wounds in your heart that have made you homosexual, if only you will allow Him to come into your life.

"He heals the brokenhearted, and bandages their wounds" (Psalm 147:3)

If you really love someone tell them the truth!

For information on contacting an ex-gay ministry in your area, please call 888-264-0877. In the public interest, this message was paid for by the following organizations, representing millions of American families:

For information on contacting an ex-gay ministry in your area, please call 888-264-0877. In the public interest, this message was paid for by the following organizations, representing millions of American families:

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

Center for Reclaiming America

Christian Family Network

Christian Coalition

Citizens for Community Values

Colorado For Family Values

Help for the Homosexual

Support Groups

Desert Stream
P.O. Box 17635
Anaheim, CA 92817
(714) 779-6899
Andy Comiskey, Director

Desert Stream offers a newsletter and a wide range of support groups, conferences and seminars as well as an outreach to AIDS victims.

Exodus International
P.O. Box 77652
Seattle, WA 98177
(206) 784-7799
Toll-free in USA: (888) 264-0877

In Canada contact:

New Direction for Life Ministries
Box 1078
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2T7
(416) 921-6557

Exodus International provides recommendations of ministries throughout the country and other information for homosexuals.

Love in Action
John Smid
P.O. Box 753307
Memphis, TN 38175
(901) 542-0250

Love in Action offers a live-in one-year discipleship program for men struggling with homosexuality.

Spatula Ministries
Mrs. Barbara Johnson
Box 444
La Habra, CA 90633

Spatula Ministries offers help to parents and families of homosexuals.

For Counselors & Clinicians

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi
16542 Ventura Blvd. Suite 416
Encino, CA 91436
(818) 789-4440

Dr. Nicolosi specializes in the identification of causes and the clinical treatment of behavioral patterns associated with homosexuality. His books, which are geared toward counselors and researchers, offer insight into homosexual addiction.


How Will I Tell My Mother? By Jerry and Steve Arterburn (Thomas Nelson)
Jerry Arterburn's autobiography describes his immersion into homosexual lifestyle after being molested at an early age, and his struggle with AIDS after becoming a Christian and leaving homosexuality. Messages are directed to the church, families of AIDS patients, parents of homosexuals and individuals with AIDS. A helpful list of resources in included.

Love Must Be Tough by Dr. James Dobson (Word Inc.)
Dr. Dobson explains the phenomena of disrespect in martial relationships and describes its role in the gradual drift toward divorce for millions of couples. It is written not only for those on the brink of divorce but also for anyone who seeks a better understanding of the complex interrelationships between men and women. The wife of a homosexual is addressed in a special section. Available from Focus on the Family, suggested donation ( in Canada). Request BK078 /180.

Mothers and Sons: Raising Boys to Be Men by Jean Lush and Pamela Vredevelt (Baker Books)
Family therapist Jean Lush offers guidance to mothers of sons in an uplifting way. Her counsel includes a chapter on recognizing and correcting faulty parenting patterns that can influence a boy toward homosexual behavior.

Parents in Pain by John White (IVP)
Parents of children with severe problems such as alcoholism and homosexuality with find practical suggestions for coping, as well as ways to deal with guilt, anger, frustrations and inadequacy. Available from Focus on the Family's Correspondence Department--direct your inquiries to them when you write or call.

Where Does a Mother Go to Resign? by Barbara Johnson (Bethany)
In this true story, a wife and mother learns to cope with the crippling of her husband, deaths of two sons, and the homosexuality of a third.